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Ms Lisa Broeren

Education Officer: Catholic Identity and Religious Education (Primary/Family Life)

Email: lbroeren@ceosale.catholic.edu.au
Phone: (03) 5622 6637

Diploma of Teaching, Bachelor of Education (Primary) 

Lisa has worked within Catholic Education in the Diocese of Sale for many years. She has taken on roles as Classroom Teacher, Acting Principal, Member of School Leadership Team, Curriculum Coordinator and Religious Education Leader.  

In her current role as Primary Education Officer at the Catholic Education Office, Lisa brings her passion and knowledge of the Catholic faith to enhance student learning by working with Principals and Religious Education Leaders to support teachers in their role as educators in Catholic schools.  She assists schools in the implementation of the Religious Education Curriculum, Journeying Together in Hope. She also supports schools in enhancing their Catholic Identity through her work with the Enhancing Catholic School Identity Project.

Lisa is also the Family Life Coordinator for the Diocese of Sale.