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Ms Delma Brazzale

Education Officer: Learning and Teaching Mathematics

Email: dbrazzale@ceosale.catholic.edu.au
Phone: (03) 5622 6695

Diploma of Teaching (Primary), Bachelor of Education (Primary) 

Delma has worked in Catholic Education for thirty years and has extensive teaching experience in Mathematics across all levels of the primary school. She has spent her teaching career in Catholic schools in Melbourne’s Western suburbs and in East Gippsland. Delma has trained as an Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU) teacher and is undertaking post-graduate studies related to Mathematics and Leadership. Delma has experience as a Mathematics Curriculum Leader and has completed Establishing Collaborative Coaching training. In her leadership and coaching roles, Delma has focused on building capacity in classroom teachers through providing professional learning and supporting actions to improve mathematical practice. She is committed to students gaining deeper understanding, engagement, enthusiasm and confidence in Mathematics.

In her role as School Adviser, Delma works collegially with principals and school leaders to enhance their understanding of the levels of curriculum as it applies to learning and teaching in Mathematics. She works with school leadership to analyse and interpret Mathematics data in order to inform and improve student learning outcomes. Delma supports schools in identifying targets for improvement and in developing high standards of classroom practice.