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Mrs Catherine Munday

Education Officer: Learning Adjustment (Inclusive Education-New Arrivals/ English Additional Languages/ Dialect NA/EAL)

Email: cmunday@ceosale.catholic.edu.au
Phone: (03) 5622 6612

Diploma of Education (Primary); Bachelor of Education (Primary)  

TESMC trained (Teaching EAL Students in Mainstream Classrooms), TYCEMC trained (Teaching Young Children in English in Multilingual Contexts), Reading Recovery Trained  

Catherine has had a varied background in education throughout the last thirty-five years. She began her teaching career in a primary school in the western suburbs of Melbourne teaching students from a high multi-cultural area. After many years in the primary sector she moved into secondary education. Throughout this time, in addition to mainstream teaching, she taught both primary and secondary students with special needs and senior secondary students in VCAL. Catherine also delivered Literacy programs to adults with intellectual disabilities and programs to assist adults from a non-English speaking background. 

The highlight of Catherine’s teaching career was her experience teaching throughout the Kimberley area in Western Australia. Over a period of five years she taught in remote and challenging schools working predominately with Indigenous students who have English as their second or third language. 

Catherine’s role as Education Officer: Learning Adjustment (EAL/D), is to support school leaders and teachers to address the needs of students who are newly arrived to Australia including refugees and migrants and students for whom English is not their native tongue. She appreciates the importance of building effective partnerships with schools, parents, families and communities and the need for inter-agency sharing in addressing the requirements of students with special needs. Catherine believes that building positive relationships with people of all ages is based on mutual respect and is committed to the principles of Catholic teaching and the inclusion of students from diverse cultures.