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    ACARA: Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority


    ACU: Australian Catholic University National

    ACU National is the Australian Catholic University, a public university funded by the Australian Government and open to students and staff of all beliefs. ACU has six campuses in Australia and offers programs throughout Australia and overseas


    AGQTP: Australian Government Quality Teacher Program

    AGQTP The Australian Commonwealth Government provides dedicated funding for professional development of teachers to strengthen the skills and understanding of the teaching profession across all school sectors in Australia.


    CCG: Catholic Capital Grants

    CCG (Victoria) is a company responsible for the administration of the Australian Government Capital Grants program.

    CCI: Catholic Church Insurances

    CCI provides insurance protection for all risks faced by the Church in the areas of property insurance, liability insurance and Workers compensation insurance.


    CDF: Catholic Development Fund

    CDF founded in 1956, offers a wide range of financial products and services to both Catholic Church clients and individuals.

    CECV: Catholic Education Commission of Victoria

    CECV established in 1973, is the principal advisory body to the Bishops for Catholic Education in Victoria. The Commission operates according to the principle of subsidiarity and consensus-building and respects the autonomy of decision making by dioceses, parishes and religious congregations.


    CEO: Catholic Education Office

    CEO is the Catholic body responsible for the provision of primary and secondary education for Catholic students within each Diocese across Australia.


    CSJT: Catholic Schools Journeying Together

    CSJT is both a process and a framework that reflects the commitment of school communities to journey with the broader Church community in the Diocese of Sale to pursue and assess a shared Mission in the Church.


    DOSSPA: Diocese of Sale Secondary Principals Association

    DEECD: Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

    DEECD is the Government body for the state of Victoria that provides access for early childhood development, primary and secondary education for all children in the state of Victoria and links education to employment.


    DOSSPA: Diocese of Sale Secondary Principals Association

    DOSSPA is the association that represents Catholic Secondary Principals in the Diocese of Sale.


    GAC: Grants Allocation Commission

    GAC(S) is a committee of the CECV which is the approved authority for the receipt and distribution of recurrent grants to systemically funded schools.

    • GAC(P) Grants Allocation Committee (Primary)
    • GAC(S) Grants Allocation Committee (Secondary)
    • GAC(TP) Grants Allocation Committee (Targeted Programs)

    GCPPA: Gippsland Catholic Primary Principals’ Association

    GCPPA is the association that represents Catholic Primary Principals in the Diocese of Sale


    ICON: Integrated Catholic Online Network


    LNSLN: Literacy, Numeracy and Special Learning Needs

    LNSLN funding is specifically targetted to assist students with special needs.


    NCEC: National Catholic Education Commission

    NCEC is the official body appointed by and responsible to the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference for developing, enunciating and acting upon policy at the national level for the Church’s work in education. The Commission is also a national forum for discussion and debate on significant matters of interest and concern to Catholic education in Australia.


    VIEU: Victorian Independent Education Union

    VIEU is the union body that represents teachers and school staff employed in Catholic and independent schools, early childhood centres and other non-government educational institutions.


    VIT: Victorian Institute of Teaching

    The Victorian Institute of Teaching is an independent professional body for the teaching profession. The Institute registers teachers working in Victorian government, independent and Catholic schools. As with other professions occupying positions of trust and responsibility, teachers are required to be registered in order to practice their profession. All practicing Victorian school teachers must be registered by the Institute.