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  • School Improvement Framework 

    School Review 

    The School Review Process is aimed to support each school to identify its priorities for the next improvement cycle in line with the Diocesan Strategic Plan. The characteristics embedded within the School Review design ensure that the process is:  

    • Aligned with the Diocesan Strategic Plan
    • Focussed on improved student outcomes
    • Research informed and evidence based
    • Rigorous but not onerous
    • A continuous cycle of improvement rather than a one off event
    • Embedded in the school improvement practices of the school not separate to or parallel with 
    • Meets all accountabilities of Governments and Government agencies without being burdensome. 

    The School Review process has three phases:

    • Pre-Review:  This phase provides opportunity for schools to develop a School Self Reflection Report. Over the period of approximately 12 months’ schools review their performance identifying their current strengths and future priorities to enhance student learning. 
    • Review: In this phase schools, with the support of trained Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Sale External Reviewers, receive critical feedback on data analysis, data interpretation and the school’s identification of priorities for school improvement in line with Diocesan Strategic Plan.
    • Post Review: Referencing the outcomes of the review process (School Self-Reflection Report and External Reviewer Report), schools develop a Strategic Improvement Plan (four year); and an Annual Implementation Plan for Year 1 post review.

    VRQA Compliance Review 

    The VRQA Compliance Review supports each school to ensure they meet the minimum standards and other requirements for school registration.

    The Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Sale (CEOSale) works in support of the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria (CECV) and the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) to ensure the compliance of primary and secondary schools within the Diocese of Sale. Schools are reviewed every four years to ensure they meet the minimum standards and other requirements for school registration.

    The Diocese of Sale has also embedded an approach to annual Strategic Testing of all schools. This Strategic testing, is also targeted to meet the VRQA minimum standards and supports CEOSale in identifying consistent practice across all primary and secondary schools.