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  • School Administration

    The Business Services team at the Catholic Education Office Sale deals with all aspects of internal management of the Catholic Education Office site's administrative and financial functions.  It also provides valuable service to all the primary and secondary schools of the Diocese on matters of finance, industrial relations, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and the smooth administration of the professional development programs offered by the Office. 

    Valuable ‘hands on’ support is provided at the school level as well as a diverse range of  ‘behind the scenes’ endeavours, including the calculation of government grants for each primary school.  Our responsibilities play a pivotal role in meeting the accountability requirements of the Catholic education sector with both State and Federal government grants and other obligations to the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria.  The accounting functions of budgeting and analysis of expenditure and administration of the Diocesan Supplementary Capital Fund ensures that every dollar is utilised most effectively within Catholic schools.  

    Business Services

    School Finance and Resources Officers (SFROs) provide assistance to schools in the areas of finance, administration and human resources.  SFRO tasks include: 

    • Assisting schools with their budgeting process 
    • Assisting schools with preparation of their annual financial statement 
    • Ensuring schools are correctly meeting system and government requirements (i.e. taxation, superannuation, census, grant acquittals) 
    • Assisting schools with  staffing entitlements and allocations 
    • Ensuring schools are maintaining correct employment records (i.e. letters of appointment, payroll, salary assessments, online staffing records, leave recording) 
    • Providing professional learning in the areas of finance, administration and human resources. 

    Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

    The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) department is also part of the Business Services group, and plays a key role in day to day running of the CEO.

    The vision of the ICT Department is to provide leading edge technologies to assist the organisation achieve its goals. These technologies must be efficient, user friendly, cost effective and relevant to Catholic Education.

    The ICT network has recently been upgraded with the help of tt\\Partners and Winthrop, who designed it to withstand major interruptions and still keep users accessing their files and emails. Leading edge technology and design has been used to achieve this level of risk management and is a great credit to all those involved in its design, implementation and ongoing use and management.

    The group was a key stake holder in a recent audit of all ICT systems at all schools in the Diocese. In conjunction with tt\\Partners, a system was developed to audit the ICT capabilities in each school and provide a report that is crucial to assisting the school to enhance their ICT systems for the benefit of all students. The tools developed in this audit are now being used to audit all Catholic Schools in Victoria.

    The ICT Department, bring a wealth of knowledge, skill and vision to the Catholic Education Office. Their use of mainstream technologies and innovative alternatives keep the CEOSale at the leading edge of ICT in education. The roll out of the new Catholic Network Australia, (CNA) and the potential for greater communication between schools and learning opportunities, is keeping the ICT Department on their toes, coming up with efficient, user friendly and cost effective projects for the CEOSale and its schools.