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  • Reading Recovery

    Reading Recovery is a school-based, early intervention program which focuses on children who, after one year of schooling, despite quality classroom programs, are not making adequate progress in reading and writing. 

    The goal of Reading Recovery is to reduce the number of Year 1 students having difficulties learning to read and write. Students receive a series of individual, 30-minute Reading Recovery lessons daily from a specially trained teacher.


    Since 2007, the CEO Sale has supported its schools through the training of new Reading Recovery Teachers and supervising the program in schools that offer it. All Reading Recovery Teachers participate in the Professional Development program of Continuing Contact.

    Effective implementation of the program means that each child may be involved in the program for up to 20 weeks which is the equivalent to 2 full weeks at school:

    • 20 weeks  X  5 lessons = 100 lessons 
    • 100 lessons X 30 minutes =  50 hours 
    • 50 hours of learning =  2 weeks of school

    CEO Sale adopts the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) Reading Recovery Guidelines. These Guidelines aim to maximise Reading Recovery effectiveness in Victorian schools and assure the provision of a quality intervention for students. The Guidelines reflect the intent of the Australian National Standards which are based on research and current effective practice.

    To download a copy of the Victorian Reading Recovery Guidelines, please click here.