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  • Journeying Together in Hope

    The Religious Education curriculum in the Diocese of Sale is called Journeying Together in Hope. Associated publication include the following:

    Core Document

    journeyingThis document provides parish priests, parish leaders, principals, Religious Education Co-ordinators, teachers and parents with an overview of the Religious Education curriculum. It places the Religious Education curriculum in its religious, educational and social context and outlines the curriculum model that is followed.

    Curriculum Framework

    The curriculum framework is structured around level outcomes and doctrinal concepts in seven (levels 1-3) and eight (levels 4-6 and post compulsory) content strands.

    Unit Outlines

    These outlines are an organisational arrangement designed to assist the teaching of the curriculum framework. Each unit outline has a title, a focus, unit outcomes that serve level outcomes, doctrinal concepts, learning/teaching experiences, assessment tasks and references to Scripture and theology.
    Information technology enables the ongoing editing and updating of unit outlines.

    Strategies Book

    This provides religious educators with ideas and strategies to assist creative planning in Religious Education

    Stages of Student Development Booklets

    These booklets outline the socal and emotional, intellectual, and faith/moral judgement changes in students at each level of their development. They also explore the implications of student development for learning and teaching in Religious Education.

    Parent Support Folder

    Parent support materials are provided in a variety of formats both paper and electronic.