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  • Sponsored Study

    For many years the Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Sale (CEOSale) has encouraged and supported tertiary level study for teachers in Catholic schools through the Sponsored Study program. This program has been most successful which is reflected in the level of qualifications held by staff in our Diocese.

    CEOSale support for Sponsored Study provides further opportunity to strengthen the connection between the Sponsored Study program and the implementation of the Diocesan agenda. It is the intent of this Office to ensure that the Sponsored Study process enables the most effective use of the limited resources to support both the development of the individual and the improvement of the school.

    Funding allocations for Sponsored Study clearly articulate the expectation, that through further study, applicants will make a contribution to both the school and Diocesan agenda. To this end, CEOSale will contribute no more than one third of the cost of the study; this is premised on the participant and school each covering one third of the costs.

    Eligibility requirements are contained within the Sponsored Study Guidelines 2019.

    Based on local pastoral considerations, and particularly as these might apply to teacher participation and contribution to sponsored study costs, principals may write to the Director of Catholic Education seeking approval to adjust requirements within the Sponsored Study Guidelines. Written applications seeking to adjust the relevant requirements must include the pastoral consideration and the proposed adjustment to the guidelines. 

    Teachers already enrolled in approved Sponsored Study courses during 2018 will need to reapply for continued funding support in 2019, through the Sponsored Study application process. 

    Courses Attracting Sponsored Study:  

    The 2019 Courses which target areas identified as priorities for CEOSale schools and the CEOSale Strategic Directions 2016-2020 are: 

    • University of Divinity Master of Education and Theology (MEdTheol). The MEdTheol degree is an ideal postgraduate degree for principals, senior leaders, leaders of religious education and aspirant principals. Details of the degree, entry requirements and contact details for enrolment can be found in this flyer from the University of Divinity. 
    • University of Melbourne Master of Clinical Teaching.
    • University of Melbourne Certificate of Instructional Leadership (Secondary only) 

    CEOSale will continue to support, subject to reapplication, students who are currently enrolled in a previously approved sponsored study course e.g. Australian Catholic University Master of Educational Leadership.

    Sponsored Study Guidelines 2019:  

    Sponsored Study support will be approved purely at the discretion of CEOSale and will be consistent with the Diocesan Strategic Directions Inspiring Faith, Inspiring Learning

    To be successful, applicants must have the commitment of their school to cover one-third of the cost of the study.
    The following conditions also apply:
    • Any applicant in their second year of service or more in Catholic Education, is eligible to apply for Sponsored Study.
    • Applicants must have appropriate citizenship/visa status to be eligible.
    • Successful applicants are expected to continue working in Catholic Education after the completion of their course for a period of five years.
    • Applications for Sponsored Study must be completed on the appropriate forms via IPLS by the date indicated on the CEOSale circular.
    • CEOSale will advise all successful applicants the amount of Sponsored Study support for which they have been approved.
    • Offers of Sponsored Study are available in the year of application and deferral is not permitted.
    • Sponsored Study support is generally approved for one year only. Applicants are expected to reapply each year in order to be considered for ongoing support.
    • Sponsored Study is for the course indicated in the application. Any alterations require prior approval of CEOSale.
    • CEOSale must be notified immediately if the course is discontinued for any reason.
    • Sponsored Study is subject to CEOSale budgetary provisions and available funding which will vary from year to year. CEOSale will contribute no more than one third of the cost of the study, which is premised on the participant and school covering one third of the costs.
    • In order to receive payment of Sponsored Study support, successful applicants will be required to:
      • Complete the electronic banking details form and claim form available through IPLS and forward this to CEOSale as per the instructions on the form. 
      • Submit the paid Tax Invoice and transcript of results from the relevant university/institution with the above forms. 
    • CEOSale will process payments at the end of each semester upon receipt of fully completed documentation.
    • Recipients are responsible for the timely payment of tertiary institution fees and CEOSale will not reimburse any late fees incurred.
    • Any deferral of university/institute fees via the FEE HELP/HECS scheme will be ineligible for Sponsored Study support. Course fees must be paid for upfront and in full by the applicant in order to receive support.
    • All applicants will be required to submit a transcript of their unit results each semester to CEOSale in order to maintain eligibility and receive sponsorship.
    • All applicants must hold or be working towards Accreditation to Teach/Teach Religious Education in a Catholic School appropriate to their role.
    • Where an applicant holds an initial teacher qualification, the expectation is that they pursue credentialed learning at Masters level or above. 
    Application forms for Sponsored Study must be submitted online via CEVN/My PL (IPLS) by Friday 16 November 2018.

    Application forms are available through the CEOSale Sponsored Study Schedule on IPLS via the CEVN website.

    Please direct enquiries to Richard Wans, Manager: Leadership and Professional Culture on 5614 5107 or via email rwans@ceosale.catholic.edu.au.  


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