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  • Sponsored Study

    For many years the Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Sale (CEOSale) has encouraged and supported tertiary level study for teachers in Catholic schools through the Sponsored Study program. This program has been most successful which is reflected in the level of qualifications held by staff in our Diocese.

    CEOSale support for Sponsored Study provides further opportunity to strengthen the connection between the Sponsored Study program and the implementation of the Diocesan agenda. It is the intent of this Office to ensure that the Sponsored Study process enables the most effective use of the limited resources to support both the development of the individual and the improvement of the school.

    Funding allocations for Sponsored Study clearly articulate the expectation, that through further study, applicants will make a contribution to both the school and Diocesan agenda. To this end, CEOSale will contribute no more than one third of the cost of the study; this is premised on the participant and school each covering one third of the costs.

    Based on local pastoral considerations, and particularly as these might apply to teacher participation and contribution to sponsored study costs, principals may write to the Director of Catholic Education seeking approval to adjust requirements within the Sponsored Study Guidelines. Written applications seeking to adjust the relevant requirements must include the pastoral consideration and the proposed adjustment to the guidelines. 

    Teachers are required to reapply for continued funding supporteach year through the Sponsored Study application process. 

    Please direct enquiries to Richard Wans, Manager: Leadership and Professional Culture on 5614 5107 or via email rwans@ceosale.catholic.edu.au.