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  • Sponsored Study

    For many years Catholic Education as a sector has encouraged and supported tertiary level study for teachers in Catholic schools. This policy has been most successful and this is reflected in the high level of teacher qualifications of staff in our Diocese. The allocation of Sponsored Study for the professional development of educators is primarily designed to enhance the skills of educators in relation to their existing areas of involvement in Catholic Education.

    Courses Attracting Sponsored Study:  

    • Courses that help educators to update and upgrade subject knowledge and skills or teaching/administration methods
    • Courses that help teachers to teach new aspects or extensions of their area and to impart skills required by students for productive workforce participation
    • Courses that help educators to cater more effectively for the more diverse student population now staying on to post-compulsory schooling
    • Courses that enable teachers to convert to teaching in designated key subject areas in which teacher shortfalls exist
    • Courses that enable educators to develop skills in specialist areas (such as counselling and special education) which promote improvements in teaching
    • Courses which target areas identified as priorities for our Diocesan schools

     Sponsored Study Guidelines 2017:  

    • Any applicant in their second year of service or beyond in Catholic Education, is eligible to apply for Sponsored Study
    • Successful applicants are expected to continue working in Catholic Education after the completion of their course
    • Offers of Sponsored Study are available only in the current year. Deferral of Sponsored Study is not possible
    • The level of Sponsored Study is subject to budget provisions
    • Applications for Sponsored Study must be completed via IPLS on the appropriate form (see CEOSale Sponsored Study schedule on IPLS) by the date shown below
    • Sponsored Study is for the course indicated, any alterations require prior approval of this Office
    • If the course is discontinued, this Office must be notified so that the Assistance may be reallocated
    • Payments during Semester 1 will be paid on receipt of a completed Claim Form signed by the applicant and endorsed by the Principal, together with a transcript of Semester 1 results
    • Payment for Semester 2 will be paid on receipt of a completed Claim Form signed by the applicant and accompanied by a transcript of Semester 2 results 
    • Undergraduate Applicants: Payment will only be made to undergraduates if some or all of the following conditions apply.

      The applicant:
      • is 5 years post-school
      • has completed non-degreed studies
      • has worked as an aide or in another non-teaching role in a school for a number of years (e.g. 10 years)

    Application forms for Sponsored Study must be submitted online via CEVN/My PL (IPLS) by Friday 18 November 2016.

    Application forms are available through the CEOSale Sponsored Study Schedule on IPLS via the CEVN website.

    Please direct enquiries to Marg Shiels by phone on 5622 6648 or email mshiels@ceosale.catholic.edu.au.