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  • Integrated Professional Learning System (IPLS)

    IPLS is designed to support professional learning provisions through an easily accessible web-based registration, communication and data management system which connects CEOSale and its schools. Importantly it also aims to consolidate all PL activities in one database.  

    All CEOSale organised Professional Learning Activities and events will be located in the one database to enable a full calendar view and comprehensive reporting on CEOSale Professional Learning.  

    Benefits of IPLS - School Level

    • Supports the varied reporting and accountability requirements for professional learning.  
    • Provides an easy to use online web interface with single sign-on for all school staff.  
    • Enables simple registration and online applications against selection criteria (e.g. projects and sponsorships).  
    • Provides teachers and principals with a view of current registrations and their status.  
    • Provides principals and teachers with current and historical web-based individual PL profiles, which includes the number of hours attended at a PL activity. CEOSale activities, CEOM activites, school-based activities and external activities form part of that profile and the profile moves with the teachers as they change schools.  
    • Enables the creation of school-based acitivies and the capacity to add these to staff profiles.  
    • Enables VIT and accreditation hours to be cumulatively recorded  

    As of term 3 2012 all professional learning activities will be located through the Integrated Professional Learning System (IPLS) on the CEVN website.  

    Click here to register via IPLS  

    Enquiries please contact ipls@ceosale.catholic.edu.au