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  • Introduction


    The Catholic Schools' Board provides policy development and advice to the Bishop and the Catholic Education Office Leadership Team regarding Diocesan requirements, whilst the Catholic Education Office develops and directs managerial or operational policies for the Diocesan system of schools.


    The Catholic Education Office publications are designed to inform the Catholic Education community in the Diocese of Sale.

    Parent Information

    Parents are partners in the learning journey of their children. The Catholic Education Office, Diocese of  Sale (CEOSale) has materials and information for parents to assist them to work in partnership with their local parish primary school and secondary schools.

    Parent Complaints

    The Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Sale (CEOSale) is committed to treating everyone with dignity and respect and encourages good communication between parents and schools.

    The protocol of CEOSale is to refer grievances and complaints about schools to be managed at the
    school level where possible.

    All concerns and complaints lodged with CEOSale about a Catholic school in the Diocese of Sale are
    addressed in line with relevant professional and administrative standards and in accordance with
    obligations and rights afforded under Victorian legislative and regulatory frameworks. These include the
    Education and Training Reform Act 2006, the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006
    and the Equal Opportunity Act 2010.

    How do I raise an issue or make a complaint? 

    The school should always be your first point of contact. Schools need to know if you have any concerns about your child’s education. Teaching and learning works best when parents and teachers talk to each other and work together to solve any problems. You are always welcome to ask about and request a copy of your school’s policies and procedures.

    When contacting the School 

     Any appointments to speak with school staff about a complaint should be arranged through the school office.

    • Plan what you will say so you can clearly explain what the problem is. You might want to make some notes to help you.
    • Have some ideas about how the problem could be resolved realistically.
    • Talk about the problem with your child’s teacher/s by telephone or organise a face-to-face meeting. Most problems can be solved this way.
    • If you still have a concern after talking to your child’s teacher/s you may want to speak to the Assistant Principal or Principal.

    When to contact the Catholic Education Office 

    If the matter is not resolved by speaking to the Principal or Assistant Principal at your school, you can contact the Education Consultant at CEOSale who will assist you and the school to find a solution. 

    For further details please refer to the following documents:

    Resolving Parent/Guardian Issues and Concerns: Management of Complaints and Grievances 

    Practical Advice for Concerns and Complaints