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St Gabriel’s Primary, Traralgon

Rangeview Drive (PO Box 1491), Traralgon
Phone: (03) 5174 5515
Email: principal@stgtraralgon.catholic.edu.au
Web: www.stgtraralgon.catholic.edu.au
Principal: Mrs Roslyn Joyner

About the School 

St Gabriel’s Primary School has been providing Catholic education in Traralgon since 1980. Originally built to serve families living in the new housing estates of Traralgon West, the school has flourished. 

With strength of purpose and gentle spirit, St. Gabriel’s Primary School strives to be a welcoming, affirming and compassionate Catholic community. Emphasis is given to the importance of respect for all and to showing strength in mind and gentleness in spirit. Our school motto ‘Strength and Gentleness’ supports this culture of care and compassion.   

At St Gabriel’s Primary School Gospel values permeate the total environment bringing all to know the love of God. In this rapidly changing society, we continue to work with our children to develop social skills, Gospel values to live by and positive self-esteem in an atmosphere of mutual respect.  Staff and parents share the responsibility for the educational, spiritual, personal and emotional development of our students.  Together we strive to build a cooperative learning community which works towards developing each person’s potential.    

We believe that education of the whole person provides the foundation for life-long learning.   St Gabriel’s Primary School staff support and challenge the students to reach this goal with a sense of hope for the future.  

St. Gabriel’s Primary School upholds a reputation for developing educational leaders with a strong commitment to providing the best possible learning and teaching opportunities for all students. St Gabriel’s extensive curriculum is delivered by a highly professional, committed and caring staff, and promotes confidence and well-being for all students.   

At St Gabriel’s Primary School our curriculum maintains a strong emphasis on teaching and learning in literacy and numeracy, and offers a wide range of learning experiences for our children.   

The school is blessed with extensive, beautiful grounds designed for active play and a unique, vibrant school building where the children's work is extensively displayed. 

St. Gabriel’s Primary School is a place where all members of our community are encouraged to be active participants and contributors to the school, parish, local and global community.