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St Joseph’s Primary, Trafalgar

58 Waterloo Rd (Private Bag 3), Trafalgar
Phone: (03) 5633 1151
Email: principal@trafalgar.catholic.edu.au
Web: www.trafalgar.catholic.edu.au
Principal: Mrs Patricia Mulqueen

About the School

St Joseph's Primary School has provided quality Catholic education in Trafalgar since 1932. The school was founded and operated by the Sisters of St Joseph until 1987. The Josephites established St Joseph’s Primary School as a teaching institution embodying Catholic traditions. 

At St Joseph’s Primary School the Catholic faith remains central to all we do.   

Therefore we: 

  • Support the faith journey of each member of the community.   
  • Build relationships that are mutually respectful, honest and open.   
  • Make learning meaningful and engaging.   

At St Joseph’s Primary School we believe that every child is unique and that every child has potential.  These two beliefs underpin all that we do in our teaching and learning at the school.  We offer a comprehensive and innovative curriculum which is aimed at developing the whole child.  We provide support for students to enable them to reach their full potential.   

Our pastoral care processes also ensure that every child is given the best opportunity to grow and develop to reach their potential.  Christian values such as self-discipline, respect for one another, responsibility and tolerance are actively taught and promoted so that each student progressively moves to independent self-management.   

St Joseph’s Primary School encourages healthy, balanced lifestyles by accommodating the recommended hours of physical activity combined with teaching and learning about good nutrition.   

St Joseph’s Primary School has a wonderful community spirit that fosters a strong sense of belonging.  Dedicated and committed teachers work to build meaningful relationships with all students. 

At St Joseph’s Primary School we really care!