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St Peter's College supports school children in Papua New Guinea

13 December, 2019

St Peter’s College students and staff reduce landfill waste while supporting the learning needs for Papua New Guinea school children.

Each year students and staff at the end of the school year are encourage not to bin any of their unrequired school resources.

A team of students, assisted by staff then go through all of the donations and sort and pack before delivering the books, and stationery for shipping to the Papua New Guinea region of Kimbe to enhance the learning opportunities for students throughout this remote region.

The Kimbe Assistance Project Inc was thankful for the college's donations.

"Once again we wish to thank the St. Peter’s College community for the wonderful collection of excess stationery donated to The Kimbe Assistance Project Inc. The efforts by the school to collect these excess items does create a win – win situation.  There is a significant saving of waste to recycling facilities, and the missionary ethos of the school is enhanced. 

"We are particularly grateful because the recent decision by the Papua New Guinea Government to reintroduce fees for all school students will place a tremendous burden on families that have few opportunities to earn cash remuneration.  Many of the areas within the Kimbe Diocese are subsistence agricultural communities.  The gift of school stationery will help to reduce the financial burden on these struggling families," the organisation wrote in a letter to Principal, Mr Chris Black.