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Year 12 students spend schoolies raising funds for sister school

25 November, 2019

Four Year 12 students from St. Peter’s College, Ryan, Stevan, Shantelle and Kayla, along with teachers, Ian Elwood, Cathy Michael and Stephanie Lomas, are participating in St. Peter’s College Annual Solomon Islands Immersion Program within a small community and Catholic School in Honiara in the Solomon Islands. 

As part of their commitment to the program, the participants have worked to raise much needed funds for the Bishop Epalle Catholic School in Honiara. Their aim over the next few years is to outfit the St. Peter’s Building that the previous program students have been fundraising to build. This includes the Library, IT Centre and Staff Rooms, which opened late in 2017.

Mr Chris Black, Principal of St. Peter’s College tells us, “Our 2019 Immersion Program students pledged to raise as much money as they can to support the school. Students will also undertake what work they can to assist within the school, helping out in Primary classes and undertaking maintenance work in and around the school buildings."

The teachers will undertake various sessions with the teachers of Bishop Epalle Catholic School around best teaching practices, particularly in the area of Literacy and Mathematics.

“Our students and staff can put into practice all they have learnt and been exposed to in their time at St. Peter’s College about the importance of social justice, and how individuals can make a real impact when they come together with a common cause," he said.

Mr Black goes on to say, “ We are all extremely proud of these students, it would be easy to go with the crowd, to celebrate the end of their secondary education with Schoolies week trips, but they have chosen a ‘better option’ in our view.

April Hampson, Marketing Manger tells us “The students are paying for their own trip expenses and left the day after their final Year 12 Exams were completed, forgoing any celebrations and schoolies trips with their fellow students. Now in Honiara, they will be billeted with a local family and will spend their days at the school helping with numerous tasks and immersing themselves in the school and local community. This time will further cement the many lessons they have learnt in their time at St. Peter’s College in regards to their responsibility in relation to not only their ‘Education, Faith and Service’ but how they individually or as a small group can have a very real and positive impact in the greater community.