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Fire Safety

18 September, 2015

As it is that time of the year when we are all encouraged to replace the batteries and check that our smoke detectors are working efficiently, it is timely to talk about fire safety and awareness. 

Catholic College Sale invited the Sale Fire Brigade to visit the College recently to discuss these very topics with the Year 8 students.

“The message that we are trying to get out is very important” said Mr. Jim McLeod, volunteer Community Educator with the Sale Fire Brigade. “With our school based program, we focus specifically on house fires and safety within the home” he said.

The information session covered areas of concern including understanding fire, along with location and maintenance of smoke detectors. The students were instructed in the stages of combustion and the key elements required for fire – oxygen, fuel and heat. Mr McLeod said that teaching the students to understand fire assists in the way they respond in an emergency fire situation and helps them to be more aware of what can cause a fire. The volunteers also talked to the students about understanding how a call to 000 works; about being calm and methodically on the phone and what information the operator needs to assess the situation.

Mr. McLeod stressed the importance of personal safety in a fire situation. “Fire fighters are dressed and trained to be as safe as they can be, whereas we most likely, are not – so don’t be brave – if there’s any doubt in your mind just get out and call the fire brigade” stressed Mr. McLeod. 

 Fire Safety bigger 

Photo: Doug Brack, Zara Dowsett, Sarah Rainey, Jim McLeod, Melissa Anthonisen, Ruby-Angelica Hensen-Teal