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Writer visits her Alma Mater

24 August, 2015

Catholic College Sale was proud to welcome home a past student recently as part of the promotional tour for her new book ‘Between the Dances’. Jacqueline Dinan took time from her busy schedule to stop in and visit the place where it all began.     

Since her time at CCS, Mrs Dinan’s career has spanned many sectors including corporate and art communications, events and public relations. She is now a regular speaker with the Country Women’s Association, Australian Rotary Clubs, Legacy, Red Cross and Memorial groups and has become a well-known figure amongst The Returned & Services League of Australia.    

Mrs Dinan’s story uncovers poignant and personal conversations, photographs and letters from over 300 remarkable women, providing a backdrop to an era of true strength and resilience of Australian women. She said that her inspiration came from her own lack of knowledge of this time in Australian history. “I knew very little about war history and was keen to write a book for women, through the eyes of women, that was simple to understand.”    

Mrs Dinan certainly captures this sentiment as she tells the story of Australian women serving their country as nurses, farmhands, munitions workers or members of the defence forces. The fascinating stories expose their struggle with gender stereotypes, the difficult release of social liberties and the dawning of new opportunities for all Australian women. During this era of uncertainty, the last tradition left was the weekly dance, which ceremoniously brought these courageous women and men together for a quickstep, jitterbug or fox trot and a brief respite from the rigours of wartime. “I was determined not to write a sad book,” Mrs Dinan told those gathered in her old school library. “The stories I have relayed are funny, inspiring and sometimes a little bit naughty!”  


CCS Writer 1 Writer, Jacqueline Dinan and Year  7 student Tuana Cooper in the Sion library 2015