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Truck Safety

21 August, 2015

Mr Paul Taylor and truck driver, Julie recently visited the Grade 3/4 students at St. Michael’s School in Traralgon to talk about and demonstrate truck safety.

Paul and Julie shared their knowledge to the children about the limited vision drivers have from their trucks depending on the truck’s size and blind spots. Also the amount of time it takes for a truck to stop as opposed to a car and the fact that if you are riding a bike and a truck passes you, you tend to get sucked in towards the truck with the wind movement.

Students were very interested in learning about the truck and how driving a truck differs from a car. They asked questions about tyres, size, fuel, trailers and working conditions.

Grade 4 student, Kaidin said” I learnt how to be safe around a truck. It takes double the time for a truck to stop than a car and if you’re riding a bike or horse you can get sucked in by a passing truck.” Sarah, also from Grade 4 said,” I learnt trucks have blind spots. That means where the drivers can’t see you. I liked when Julie lowered the trailer down and put it up again.”

Some children were lucky enough to get a turn sitting in the driver’s seat to actually experience blind spots using the truck’s mirrors.

“We would like to thank Paul and Julie for enlightening us.  I’m sure our children have a much greater awareness of truck safety and hopefully they have in turn shared this information with their families so everyone can be safer on our roads.” said school principal, Cathy Blackford.