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  • Where are you going to teach?

    Teachers in the Diocese of Sale enjoy ongoing support from the Catholic Education Office, including a graduate induction program, mentor teacher system and regular opportunities for professional development and career advancement.

    Employment opportunities 

    Why teach in the Diocese of Sale?

    The Diocese of Sale is one of the most diverse and scenic regions in Australia. It comprises Melbourne’s booming south-eastern suburbs, sandy beaches, rainforests, snowfields, vineyards, harbour towns, major regional centres, rolling hills, industry, dairy farms, water falls and mountain ranges.
    Teachers choose to work in the Diocese of Sale for many reasons, including:

    • 42 great schools to choose from
    • Graduate support
    • Professional learning
    • Faith development
    • Travel opportunities
    • Amazing lifestyle


    I’m rapt that I’m here and building up, career-wise. I’m a Senior Teacher so when Joanne (the Principal) is away, I’m in charge.

    The exposure I’ve had to running the finances of the school, timetabling and managing staff has been great. I love how the Catholic system recognises everyone’s talents. Promotions aren’t an age thing. Every staff member is valued on a professional level.

    I think many graduates just jump at the first job they’re offered. Don’t do it! Learn as much as you can about different schools. You’ll be impressed when you see what Catholic schools in the Diocese of Sale have to offer.



    Bachelor Teaching / Bachelor Arts (Theological Studies & Literature)    

    Jason Blackburn began his education in the Diocese of Sale at St Agatha’s Primary School in 1993. He completed his secondary education at St Peter’s College, Cranbourne and graduated in 2005.  The Catholic Education office awarded him the Elizabeth Hunt Scholarship in 2006 which assisted him to complete his education studies at the Australian Catholic University in Fitzroy.  He then went on to study Religious Education and English at the university. He is now very happily employed as a teacher at Marist-Sion College in Warragul.

    With a background in high-risk youth work, Jason has a particular passion for making class work both relevant and achievable for his students. He holds the strongest belief that schools must be the safest places possible for all children.



    Catholic was always my first choice. In a Catholic school, everyone is there for everyone else, whether it be for the students or the whole of the staff. I just love St Michael’s. After coming here on teaching rounds, I didn’t want to look anywhere else for a job!

    As a graduate, support is something you want. What I like about teaching in the Diocese of Sale is the level of support that’s offered to staff. At graduate induction, we were introduced to all the people in the Catholic Education Office who could help us with particular areas, like literacy, special needs and RE. They were very approachable and are available to come out to schools to work with us.

    On top of this, there’s a great level of support at St Michael’s through the school mentoring program, as well as from other members of staff.