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  • Emergency Teaching

    Emergency (Casual Relief) Teachers are important contributors to our schools as they facilitate learning in the absence of a classroom teacher.

    If you wish to work as an Emergency (Casual Relief) teacher in Catholic schools, you will need to:

    • Ensure you have current or provisional Victorian Institute of Teaching registration
    • Make contact with the Principal of each school in which you’d like to work to organise an appointment. School contact information is available here.
    • Leave a copy of your current Curriculum Vitae
    • Provide the Principal with the following information
      • A timetable of preferred working days
      • If you will be available for an early morning call (some CRTs have young children and cannot come at short notice)
      • Your preferred year levels (e.g. ,junior primary, upper primary, junior secondary, VCE)
      • Your areas of expertise (e.g., outdoor education, ICT, art)
      • Subject areas qualified to teach (secondary)

    Graduate Teachers

    Graduates are most welcome as Emergency or Casual Relief Teachers. You may wish to inform the principal that you are interested in working towards full registration. 

    Professional Development

    The Catholic Education Office offers professional development for teachers during the year.

    You may find some of these sessions contribute well to your professional learning and thus to the renewal of your VIT registration. You are welcome to participate in these days (usually for a small fee) but, unfortunately, it is not possible for us to pay you for them. Details can be found here.  

    Professional development is also held regularly in schools. Consider asking Principals to keep you informed.