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  • Teaching of Languages

    The Catholic Education Commission of Victoria has made a strong commitment to improve the quality of languages education for all students. Every student is entitled to a quality languages education program. It is not an optional extra for students – it is essential to enter into critical dialogue with the Catholic faith tradition and to deepen student’s humanity.

    Building on the success of the CECV F–12 Languages – Finding Your Voice (CECV 2014) strategy, Languages – Speak Up! renews the CECV commitment to support a quality languages program for every student. The new strategy continues to empower leaders, educators and parents in our school communities to advocate for the linguistic entitlement of all students to learn an additional language.

    A copy of both the CECV and Diocese of Sale Languages – Speak Up! Strategy is available to download below.


     CECV Languages Speak Up Strategy   DOS Languages Speak Up Strategy